Unique Christmas Design Ideas for Your Home

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The holiday season is upon us, which means it is time to prepare your home for guests, especially if you are hosting breakfast or dinner on Christmas day. Designing and decorating your home for Christmas can be fun and exciting when you have the right design plan. 

Design ideas for the holidays


Of course, a Christmas tree and a nice wreath and lights on the front porch are helpful, but there are ways to create a unique Christmas look and feel to your home this holiday season as well. The following are four fun and creative ideas to make your home stand out for Christmas. 


Plants, wreaths & Christmas trees

The Christmas tree in the living room is decorative and one of the best parts of the Christmas season, but it is rather traditional. To create a unique Christmas tree look, consider going more bold and heavier on bringing outside indoors. Along with the traditional Christmas tree, consider adding mini Christmas trees in strategic locations, wreaths around the fireplace as well as the front porch and home plants. While you do not want to do too much, having a little more than just the traditional tree can really help your home stand out. 


Use an unconventional color scheme

A traditional color scheme for Christmas typically includes red, green and white decor items, which looks great and will never go out of style during the Christmas season. However, if you want to create a unique Christmas design this holiday season, such as incorporating a touch of blue into your wall decor and other design items. One unique color scheme that works well during Christmas is blue and gold, which captures the feel of Christmas in a unique way. 


Choose your wall decor wisely

Wall decor is an often overlooked component, especially during the holiday season. Adding the right pieces to your wall decor, you can achieve a much better Christmas feel inside your home. The more traditional approach is to add beautiful wreaths strategically and stockings above the fireplace. Additionally, consider adding unique elements such as a chalkboard-themed quote display that captures your favorite Christmas quote, such as a quote from a Christmas movie or song. Advent calendars are great options as well. 


Give your home a cozy feel

The Christmas season is a great opportunity to take advantage of the colder weather. You likely will not use your patio, so the focus shifts on ways to make spending time indoors more enjoyable. Make sure to bring in plenty of firewood and consider fun activities you can do with the whole family, such as creating a gingerbread house. You can then use the gingerbread house as a Christmas design for your home once it is finished. 


The bottom line

Regardless of the style, you choose for your home design this holiday season, the key to a truly unique appeal is making it more personal to you and your family. Have fun with the design and choose color schemes, wall decor, etc. that the entire family enjoys.


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