Top Interior Paint Colors for 2019

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The interior paint color inside to a large degree dictates the mood and comfort level that your home offers. The right wall color can also bring out the best features inside your house, which may include furniture pieces, rugs, etc, along with helping to simply create a more welcoming environment overall.

By understanding how to choose the top interior paint color for your home, you can create the exact atmosphere you hope to achieve. The following are four of the top interior paint colors for 2019, all of which are recommended by some of the best interior designers alive today and are certain to bring out the best inside your home.


Ice Blue

Ice blue is a great color for homeowners who are looking to find an interior paint color that helps create a soothing, relaxing environment. While some of the darker blue colors can leave a home feeling depressing and create a lack of light inside the room, ice blue - or other versions of soft blue - work well to create a friendly atmosphere inside the room.

Ice blue works well to capture a comforting vibe inside the home, but there are an endless amount of light blue colors to consider as well, including celestial, charcoal blue and oceanside.


Origami White

Origami white has been a popular trend among many homeowners in 2019, and the best thing about the color is that it goes well in just about any setting. Regardless if you plan to use it in a more traditional style home or a less modern style, origami white helps create a delightful feel inside the house.

This color is perhaps the best option for those who enjoy a more casual environment, rather than a stuffy, professional feel to a room. It is a great color for living rooms and movie rooms where relaxation is the main priority.



Argyle is a very fascinating shade of green that has gained popularity in recent months. Those who want to add excitement to a room and create a look that brings joy and happiness should strongly consider argyle as a possible interior paint color.

Argyle works well as a bedroom color or a playroom, although it may not be preferable to those who want a more calming, soothing color that promotes relaxation more than excitement. With that said, argyle is an interesting interior paint color that is versatile enough to work well in just about any home.  


Pink Coral

Pink coral is the perfect color for a girl’s bedroom and it can bring life to any home. The pink coral color promotes an energizing feel. It is almost impossible to feel sad in a room in which the walls are painted in pink coral, and it allows for a lot of flexibility to add other color schemes and decor items along with it.

Although pink coral - and other forms of energizing coral options - bring excitement to a room, they are a much more bold color choice intended for those who do not mind a more eccentric style of home.


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