Start Investing in Real Estate in 2019

Real Estate

The real estate industry was very strong in 2018 and the demand for homes met or even exceeded in some instance the rate at which new homes were coming available.

When the supply struggles to match the demand in real estate, it is often good news for real estate investors, especially those who can find good deals on homes.

However, many are asking the question as to what can be expected in 2019? Will the good news continue, or will the real estate industry take a downturn in 2019?

The following are the reasons to have faith in real estate in 2019 and how to invest responsibly into real estate in the new year.


There is a Huge Demand

The same thing that produced a strong real estate industry in 2018 is more than likely to continue in 2019, which is a huge demand for homes. Job growth has been abundant in the past several years, and a spike in job growth means a likely increase in home buying and renting, which we have indeed seen.

The job growth shows no signs of stopping(especially in Nashville and the surrounding areas), which means the need for homes is likely to continue in 2019.

Quite simply, the construction of new homes is not meeting the abundant need for those with new jobs to find homes in the area which they work. Subsequently, real estate investors are in a higher position of power, and they are likely to find buyers(or renters) for their home and sell or lease the home out at full value.


Real Estate Factors to Consider

While real estate investing is predicted to do well in 2019, every location and every individual home inside of each location is unique, and it is very important to know how to find good real estate investment opportunities. 

In order to find great real estate investment opportunities in 2019, there are three main factors to consider before investing:

Local economy
Housing demand
Home prices

The strength of the national economy as a whole is irrelevant if the local economy is not strong. However, a strong local economy - such as here in Rutherford County - can mean great real estate investment opportunities.

It is also important to consider the demand for housing along with the home prices. Both of these considerations affect the dependability of getting a return on a real estate investment.


How to Invest in Real Estate in 2019

There are numerous ways to invest in Real Estate in 2019, and none of them are wrong. The best real estate investment strategy is dependent on your preference and expertise. 

Here are just a few of the many ways to partake in real estate investment in the new year:

Flipping a home
Rental properties
Vacation homes
Investment trust

Whether you buy a home to fix it up and resell it, invest money without buying the home through an investment trust or simply purchase a home at the right time for you and your family to live in, being able to find the right real estate investments is a very valuable skill set to have.

Annette Masterson is a licensed broker with EXIT Realty Bob Lamb & Associates in Murfreesboro, TN. She has developed one of the most successful real estate teams in Rutherford County, known as Masterson Network, that specializes in new home construction and residential listings and sales throughout Middle Tennessee. You can email Annette at or call her at 615-896-5656 (Office) or 615-533-1660 (Cell) for more information.