How to Put an End to Robocalls at Home

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Spam robocalls have increased drastically over the past decade, and it can seem as if they are now impossible to prevent and put an end to. However, there are ways to end, or at least significantly limit, robocalls to your home phone and cellular device. The following are four effective ways to put an end to recurring robocalls.

Screen your calls

Perhaps the most important tactic to implement when ending robocalls is to screen each call you receive. The main goal of most robocalls is to sell you something or retrieve your personal information, which is impossible to do if they cannot get in touch with you. If you do not take their call, eventually they will quit trying. So how do you know if an unknown number is a robocall? Unfortunately, you most often will not know, In fact, many “local calls” are actually robocalls. Therefore, the best way to handle it is to simply let it go to voicemail, and return calls after the person leaves a message.

Robocall blockers

Modern technology has, in large part, contributed to the sudden rise to robocalls, which leaves many weary and hesitant to use technology to fight it. However, in this instance, fighting fire with fire might actually work. There are apps and devices(even some that are free) that you can install to block robocalls on your home phone and cell phone. A quick Google search should yield numerous results to consider, although we recommend going with Nomorobo, which is free for landline phones.

Keep your number private

The fact is your number is bound to get in the wrong hands from time to time, and robocalls may never stop entirely. With that said, you can minimize the risk of robocalls by limiting how often you give access to your number - especially while online. When signing up for subscriptions, online memberships, etc. it is best to know that the source is legitimate and can be trusted, and try your best to avoid giving your number to any website or service you are not entirely certain about.

Never give away information

If you do happen to answer a robocall, it is important to notice that it is indeed a robocall. Almost all robocalls have the same goal in mind, which is to either get you to purchase something, sign up for something or provide privileged personal information. If you suspect, for any reason whatsoever, a caller may not be legitimate do not give away any information. For example, if you receive a government call you are not certain about, always get off of the phone call, verify the phone number with official government records and call back.

The bottom line

You may never eliminate robocalls entirely, but you can limit them to just a few over the course of an entire year by implementing the aforementioned four techniques. Always remember to stay cautious and avoid giving out your phone number and other personal information if you are not entirely certain about the legitimacy of the source.


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