How to Make the Perfect Thanksgiving Meal

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Thanksgiving is about spending time with loved ones, taking a break from the stresses of life and eating delicious food. All too many hosts stress over creating the perfect Thanksgiving meal, and you can make the process much more simple by knowing how to properly prepare. 

The process to a perfect Thanksgiving meal

A great Thanksgiving meal typically includes an appetizer, main dish, sides and a dessert, and it is helpful to know how to choose the right dishes to serve. The following is an overview of the process of creating the perfect Thanksgiving meal by selecting and cooking the perfect dishes for the much anticipated Thanksgiving day meal.  

Choose the appetizer
You have numerous options to go with for your Thanksgiving day appetizers before the big meal. If you want to remain traditional and go with safer options, then a spinach, onion or cheese dip is a great way to go. Deviled eggs and southern style biscuits served with butter make for safe and delicious options as well, along with various types of soups such as creamy mushroom soup.

Choose the main dish
While many choose a Thanksgiving turkey as the main dish thinking it is the only option, there are other delicious choices to consider as well. A roasted turkey is a great option, but other options include fried turkey, baked ham and prime rib. Make sure to give yourself time to cook the main dish as it will most likely take several hours to prepare and consider the type of seasoning you want. If you want to have a vegetarian Thanksgiving, then stuffed squash or roasted Brussel sprouts are good options. 

Choose the sides
More traditional sides that are great options include mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, macaroni and cheese and green bean casserole. If you do not mind putting in extra effort and want a more unique option, then baken wrapped Brussel sprouts or Brussel sprouts in a blanket make for great options. Fried ravioli and shrimp cocktail are other considerations as well. If you have the time and oven space, then preparing four or five side dishes may not be a bad idea, along with serving simple items such as cranberry sauce, rolls, etc. 

Choose the dessert
There are certain desserts that work better on Thanksgiving than on any other day of the year, such as pecan pie, sweet potato pie, peach or cherry cobbler, apple crisp and banana pudding. There is no wrong choice, and the key is to choose a dessert item you believe everyone will love. Consider asking your guests what they prefer and possibly adding two dessert items so that everyone will have something they love. 

The bottom line
The key to the perfect Thanksgiving meal is proper planning. The more time you give yourself, the less stress you are likely to be and the better the dinner will turn out. With that said, be sure to have fun, enjoy spending time with your loved ones and try new things when it comes to preparing your favorite dishes. 


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