Homemade Halloween Treats the Neighbors Will Love

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Halloween is a time to be creative. However, the creativity stretches far beyond unique costumes and home decoration. When throwing a Halloween party, or simply having neighbors, friends or family members over, you can really ensure everyone has a good time by creating the ultimate Halloween homemade treats.

Halloween is the most fun when everything around is spooky, including the homemade treats. Also, making homemade Halloween treats may perhaps be the most intriguing part about Halloween as well. Be sure to be creative and try and make the treats as spooky as possible, and you will certainly create a Halloween party that will be remembered for years.

The following are three homemade Halloween treats that you should consider serving or bringing to the party this Halloween, which your neighbors, friends and family members are sure to love.

Dead Velvet Cake

A dead velvet cake is much more than a play on words; it is perhaps one of the most delicious Halloween treats you can serve. You will have to search far and wide to find someone who does not like red velvet cake, and every neighbor at the party is certain to love the clever and delicious Halloween treat.

Also, making a dead velvet cake is simple. In order to make a dead velvet cake, you prepare the same way you would to make a red velvet cake. After the cake is baked, layer the cake with cream cheese frosting. After doing so, the red velvet cake should be complete, and it is now time to turn it into a dead velvet cake by adding blood(a.k.a. red food coloring) on top.

Monster Cookies

Monster cookies are another fantastic snack that are certain to kill at the party this Halloween. Monster cookies check every box there is to check on Halloween, including being spooky, easy to make and, most importantly, delicious.

In order to make monster cookies, you are going to need a box of cookies(either store-bought or homemade), frosting, chocolate or marshmallow to sandwich in between the cookies and white frosting to spread on top of each cookie. Get creative with each cookie by making scary faces and sharp teeth in each one. Also, consider using candy to make spooky, googly eyes for each cookie.

Scary Candy Apples

Scary candy apples are sure to capture attention at the party, and they are extremely delicious as well. While cake and cookies are to be expected at a Halloween party, scary candy apples are sure to be a delicious surprise for many of your guests.

Preparing scary candy apples is similar to making the dead velvet cake. You will start by preparing the candy apples in the same manner you normally would. If you have never made candy apples, I would recommend dipping each candy apple in white chocolate and letting it settle, and then placing each apple on a stick. Last and most importantly, be sure to pour the blood(red food coloring) over each apple.

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