Green Egg vs Kamado Joe Grills

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Which One is Better?


Choosing the right grill can be difficult for many, and at first glance, it may not seem as if there are many differences between the Big Green Egg Grill and the Kamado Joe Grill. However, there are key differences between the two that determine which one is preferable for you. The following is everything to know about the Green Egg and Kamado Joe Grills, including general information, pros and cons about each type.

When deciding which one is better for you, consider your own personal preference, experience with grilling and what the exact purpose of the grill is going to be. The answer to which grill is best is different for each person, so be sure to make the decision that is most appropriate for you.


About The Green Egg Grill

The Green Egg Grill is perhaps the most popular grill in the Kamado industry, but that does not necessarily make it the best one for you. The Green Egg Grill is offered in numerous different sizes, features high-fire ceramics and is backed with a lifetime warranty.

One of the biggest and most notable advantages to choosing this grill is the price - which is typically far lower than a Kamado Joe Grill. Many also find the Green Egg Grill to be much easier to use, and many who are new to the art of grilling find it more preferable and convenient.

Perhaps the main drawback to the Green Egg Grill is the inability to purchase it online, and you must purchase it in-person at a store. The Green Egg Grill also does not include nearly as many cooking accessories as a Kamado Joe Grill. While the Green Egg Grill is incredibly effective, the cooking system is not as complex and is more limited overall.


About Kamado Joe Grills

The Kamado Joe Grill is rapidly gaining in popularity, and it has the chance to surpass the Green Egg Grill as the most preferable on the Kamado market. Many who choose this grill are amazed at how effective it is at cooking delicious meals in a short amount of time while offering a level of convenience that many other grills cannot match.

Perhaps the most obvious advantage the Kamado Joe Grill has over the Green Egg Grill is the number of accessories that come along with it, which include but is not limited to heat deflectors, ash tool for easy cleaning and a cast iron cart. You can also purchase it online, which is not the case with the Green Egg Grill.

The main factor that scares off many who are buying the grill is the price as the Kamado Joe Grill tends to cost more. When factoring in the numerous accessories, however, the Kamado Joe Grill may, in fact, be a better overall deal. Another drawback to the Kamado Joe Grill is the complexity it offers, which may make it more challenging for those who have little experience grilling.


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