Giving Thanks in Nashville This Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is a time of being thankful for what we have and helping those who are in need. This Thanksgiving in Rutherford County, fortunately, there are many different ways to get involved and help those in need enjoy the holiday season.

Whether it is through volunteering at a food bank, participating in a charity event or simply making a donation to a worthy cause, even the tiniest bit of time or money donated can help someone in need this Thanksgiving.

As is the case every year, there are several ways to get involved in the community this Thanksgiving in Rutherford County. Whether it is by serving at a soup kitchen, donating to a food bank, participating in the BoroDash Race or volunteering or donating with Greenhouse Ministries, your help this Thanksgiving in Rutherford County will be greatly appreciated.


Food Bank/Soup Kitchen

There are several ways to get involved with a food bank or soup kitchen in Rutherford County this Thanksgiving.

For those who would like to donate to a food bank and help ensure no one in Rutherford County goes hungry this holiday season have several different food banks they can contribute to, including the Rutherford County Emergency Food Bank, Feed America First and the Kingwood Food Pantry. There are also several other food pantries in Rutherford County as well.

 Individuals can also help out at the Luke 14:12 Soup Kitchen in Nashville this Thanksgiving. Luke 14:12 provides free meals to the hungry, homeless and poor every Monday, Tuesday and Friday at noon. Additionally, the Salvation Army of Murfreesboro offers various ways to help provide assistance this Thanksgiving.

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BoroDash Race

Another way to get involved in the community is to participate in the BoroDash Race, which is a four-mile walk or run through Murfreesboro.

All of the proceeds of the race go to a worthy cause, including the Neema House, Greenhouse Ministries(see below), Possibility Place, Endure Athletics and Doors of Hope. There are various ways to participate. For those who love to get out and be active - whether through walking or running - participating in the event is a great way to show support and give a donation to a worthy cause. Prices range between $40 and $45 dollars, depending on when you sign up.

For those who would prefer to simply make a donation or become a sponsor, there are options to do that as well. You can also volunteer with BoroDash in various other ways as well.


Greenhouse Ministries

Greenhouse Ministries - which is a ministry of local volunteers that help inspire, give hope and change lives to the community of Rutherford County - have several ways to get involved specifically this Thanksgiving season, including a food pantry.

However, Greenhouse Ministries - much like most of the other services on this list - provide year-round aid to those in need in Rutherford County. While a donation or volunteer work this Thanksgiving is greatly appreciated, you can help anytime of the year by supporting the local charities of Rutherford County.