Are Weighted Blankets Worth the Extra Cost?

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Weighted blankets are becoming more and more popular, although there is still some hesitation to invest among many. It is helpful to understand what exactly a weighted blanket is and what the benefits are when determining if it is right for you.


An overview of weighted blankets

A weighted blanket is much more than a blanket that is heavier than normal, and there are mental health and physical benefits that are supported by medicine and science. The following is everything to know about weighted blankets, including what they are, what the benefits are and whether or not they are worth it. 


What is a weighted blanket?

A weighted blanket, which is commonly referred to as a gravity blanket, is as you would expect - a blanket that is heavier than the average blanket. They are filled with various materials to increase the weight, such as plastic pellets, and they typically weigh more than 15 pounds. Many use them as they prefer a heavier feel with more pressure while they sleep, whereas others may do so after a doctor or mental health professional’s recommendation.


The benefits of a weighted blanket

There are many benefits of weighted blankets, and more and more people are choosing them. Here are several benefits of weighted blankets and reasons why they are becoming more popular.

Reduced stress
Increased comfort
May improve sleep
Warmer feeling


Essentially, a weighted blanket provides a similar feeling as a hug, and the soft yet firm feeling creates a calming sensation for many. This allows many, especially those with anxiety issues or ADHD, sleep better and feel more at ease as they fall asleep.


When to consider a weighted blanket

Although many who try a weighted blanket for the first time fall in love with it immediately, it may not be ideal for everyone. One way to test it out before making a purchase is to use several blankets one night, although it is not a direct correlation. Additionally, many medical professionals may recommend weighted blankets to patients with autism, anxiety, depression, ADHD or sensory processing disorder. Sleep is an essential element to overall health, and those who are not sleeping the way they would like should consider how a weighted blanket may benefit them.


Are weighted blankets worth it?

Weighted blankets cost significantly more than an average blanket, and they can range in price anywhere from $75 to $300 dollars depending on size and weight. Whether or not a weighted blanket is worth it for you depends on the benefits you receive from it. In general, many who try weighted blankets love the increased comfort, and those who use it for mental health or physical benefits also find it incredibly useful.


The bottom line

Weighted blankets are a great way for many to improve their sleep each night and feel better throughout the day, especially those who struggle with mental health issues such as anxiety or depression. Although they cost more, the benefits very often outweigh the cost, and the long-term gain for the initial increased cost is often worth it.


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