ALERT! There is an Emergency Blood Shortage

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ALERT! There is an emergency blood shortage and donors are needed now, especially type O, so please reach out to these donors first when scheduling! Click here to learn how you can ensure the availability of lifesaving treatments in times of crisis.

Your summer blood drive is quickly approaching and you have an opportunity to make someone whole again – someone like Jacqueline. Jacqueline was born with a congenital heart disorder. At the age of 8, she needed heart surgery, but there was a shortage of type O blood. Her surgery had to be postponed. Thanks to wonderful partners like you, blood donors came through for Jacqueline and she had multiple successful surgeries to repair her heart. Today, she is healthy and thriving.

Missing Types often go unnoticed until someone's life depends on them. Imagine if someone you love needed a blood type that was missing from hospital shelves. Inspire your donors – old and new – to replace the missing types, so patients can survive.