4 Ways to Declutter Your Bathroom

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Here it is, cleaning day. One day where the whole house undergoes a makeover. Lots of furniture lifted; clothes put in their proper places; toys stashed away in a box; floors swept and mopped. All that is left is the bathroom.

Surprisingly, the bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house. Perhaps that is why it always looks the most cluttered. A thousand tooth-brushes and beauty products lying all over the counter from who knows when.

Now is the time to conquer this daunting task. Here are 4 ways to make your bathroom organized and presentable.

Daily Items

There are bound to be items on the counter not used every day. Find a home for those toiletries lying around. Having only the essentials out is a small, but effective step to keeping the bathroom from looking cluttered. It is not common to forget to put something up after using it. Go ahead and place those clippers back in their proper place.

Grab all the other items and fit them in the drawers and cabinets in the bathroom. While you are in the cabinets, search for expired items and throw them out. They are only taking up space. Some items can be donated or given away.

Take Stock

During this time, come up with a list of what you need. Only the essentials are staying, so be honest.
Take inventory of everything that occupies the bathroom. Figure out what should stay and what can leave. Seriously, do you really need an owl in every corner?

Once you decide what is staying begin looking for containers to hold those small, loose items. Perhaps some jars or cups you do not use. Keep the containers filled with similar pieces, so no one is confused on which holds the hair clips.

Get Organized

Getting drawer organizers is a great tool to help prevent a mess. If there is a place for each item, it is more likely they will go back where they belong. Having more shelves can make the bathroom look much better. Some people advise putting shelves on the toilet paper dispenser, above the door, and even above the toilet. Standing an improvised ladder over the toilet can serve as shelves for some items.

Make sure your decorations are not piling in the bathroom. Ensure they complement the room, not just fill it.

Stop Buying!

One surefire way to prevent the bathroom from being cluttered is to stop buying stuff. Make sure everything is completely, or nearly empty before you add more to the inventory. This is especially helpful with any type of medication, so there are no expired bottles in the cabinets. Not only does this tip halt future clutters, it can also aid with expenses. It may not be much, but any savings can go a long way.

Following these tips will keep your bathroom looking clean and always ready for those unexpected guests. Future cleaning days will be easier as well since everything has their proper place.


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