4 Homemade Soups You Have to Try this Winter

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Winter is a great time to kick back and relax by the fire with a warm and delicious bowl of soup. However, the typical tomato, chicken noodle or clam chowder can get redundant, and it is helpful to have unique options to try once in a while. If you love to cook, then you will enjoy experimenting and trying the new recipes. 


Delicious winter homemade soups

Whether you love classic non-creamy recipes or enjoy more bold soup options, there are soup choices for everyone. The following are four delicious homemade soups to consider making for yourself or the entire family during the cold winter months. 


Creamy chicken noodle soup

Creamy chicken noodle soup is a delicious option that is perfect for cold weather days in the winter. Additionally, it is easy for even those who are new to making homemade soup to prepare, and it is something everyone will enjoy, including children who generally are not fond of creamy soups. You can find a great recipe with Cooking Classy, which can be prepared in 10 minutes and only takes 25 minutes to cook. 


French onion soup

French onion is a classic option that is incredibly delicious when made right. While it may seem as if the recipe will be far too complex, it is actually rather simple and takes under 15 minutes to prepare and only an additional 55 minutes of cooking time. The Food Network has a great recipe for french onion Soup.  Although it may Be sure to make enough for the whole family as well as a little extra for a leftover dish for yourself! 


Tomato-barley soup

Tomato-barley soup is an interesting twist to the traditional tomato soup. If you love tomato soup and love vegetable soup, then this is the perfect dish for you as it combines the best of both dishes. The recipe is not too complex and preparation and cooking time takes less than an hour with this tomato-barley soup recipe. In addition to a dish the whole family should love that tastes great, it is also a healthy choice, and you can add kale and spinach to make it even more healthy. 


Spicy chicken tortilla soup

If you love spicy foods on cold days, then the spicy chicken tortilla soup is the dish for you. It is a filling dish that works great as a dinner by itself, rather than serving as an appetizer or side dish. A Spicy Perspective offers a delicious and simple six-step recipe that you can make within an hour. The recipes are simple, although feel free to experiment and add your own ingredients(cheese goes great with this dish). 


The bottom line

We recommend trying all four soup types, but feel free to pick your favorite to start with first. Of course, it is okay to experiment while you cook and try new things. Regardless, these are four great soup ideas that the whole family will love as a weekday dinner or relaxing weekend lunch indoors during the cold winter months.


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