4 Cool Treats the Whole Family Will Love

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The start of summer is upon us, which means it is time to prepare for hot days. There are many ways to cool off and make the most of the warm weather, including jump into some water, blast the air conditioning, or - my personal favorite - serve up a delicious cool treat the entire family is sure to love. You do not have to rely on store-bought ice cream or smoothie shops for that special delicious treat, and you can instead prepare your own delicious cool treats by trying any or all of these four great options.


Homemade Popsicles

There is nothing like a delicious popsicle on a warm summer day, and it is a treat the kids are certain to enjoy. For parents, the best part about homemade popsicles is they are incredibly easy to make. All it takes is adding your own ingredients(which might include water, sugar and your favorite fruit flavors), add the mixture into popsicle molds and place them in the freezer. Several hours later you have delicious homemade popsicles the entire family is going to love, allowing each person to cool off on a hot day, especially after spending time in the hot sun.


Ice Cream Bites

Whether you are a young child or a middle-aged adult, ice cream bites are incredibly tasty. If you love ice cream and want to prepare them in a new way that the whole family will appreciate, try ice cream bites. The preparation process is easy, and they can be made using the following process:

Dip balls of ice cream into melted chocolate
Place balls of ice cream bites on a baking tray
Allow the ice cream bites to freeze completely
Serve and enjoy the delicious treat

If you are not crazy about chocolate, feel free to replace the chocolate mixture with vanilla, strawberry or another delicious flavor.


Summer Smoothie

If you have one or more smoothie lovers in your family, then they will love a delicious, summer themed smoothie to cool them off after a fun day outside or long day working. The beauty of smoothies is they allow you to get creative and make it your own. Subsequently, the ingredients vary based on your family’s personal preference, but the typical process involves mixing your favorite fruits and ice cubes in a blender, adding in your favorite fruit juices(orange, pineapple, etc.) and then adding in any extra ingredients you want, such as vanilla, chocolate or even honey.


Watermelon Float

A watermelon float is something many are not familiar with, and it can be a great way to surprise your family with a delicious treat. All that is required to prepare a watermelon float is mix balls of watermelon, sugar and water in a bowl, allow it to cool off in the fridge and then mix it up in a blender. It is also encouraged to add your favorite fruit juice as well, such as lime juice, and add a pinch of salt, which make it even more delicious.


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