4 Brilliant Pumpkin Carving Ideas

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Halloween is just around the corner, which means it is time to take the kids and pick out some good pumpkins to carve. While some more artistic individuals can freestyle, most pumpkin carvers are not as talented and it is helpful to follow a basic blueprint. The following are four brilliant pumpkin carving ideas to try for this Halloween. 


Your Name

One of the easiest pumpkin carving ideas is to carve out your name. You can either carve out your first name and make it completely your own, carve out your last name to display on the front porch or carve a pumpkin for someone else with their name. Another practical and clever idea is to carve your home address and put it next to the mailbox. To make carving your name even easier, consider printing out your name with the font that you like, place the paper over the pumpkin and carve out the letters. 


Polka Dots

A polka dots pumpkin is another very easy pumpkin design to create. If you want a cute design that looks great when a candle is placed inside, the polka dots theme is absolutely perfect. To create the polka dots, you can either drill small holes into the pumpkin. If you prefer larger polka dots and want the pleasure of hand carving the pumpkin, then you can carve each circle out just the way you desire it. For display, consider placing your new polka dot pumpkin on the front porch, especially during the night time, or as a cute decor piece near or in your foyer. 


Create a Character

For advanced pumpkin carvers, there is nothing more challenging than placing a well-known character on the face of the pumpkin, such as Mickey Mouse, The Wizard of Oz or a character from Harry Potter. If you love the show, then creating a Game of Thrones-themed pumpkin may be an option as well. The best approach for creating a character is to pick one that you like out, print the outline of the image off of the internet, place the paper on the pumpkin and begin to carve. While it may sound challenging, many are surprised by just how easy it is to create a unique and fun Disney character pumpkin. 


The Classic Smile

The great thing about carving a classic smile is that it is easy and does not require you to be super artistic to do a good job and create a great design. In fact, there are numerous design kits you can even follow to help you create the perfect classic smile pumpkin. Although it is slightly more difficult than the pumpkin with your name or polka dots, it also allows for more creativity. If you want to give your pumpkin a scary look rather than a smile, then you can do so. If you want to add funny eyebrows or a misshaped nose than the choice is yours to do so as well. The important thing is to make it your own and have as much fun as possible in the process. 


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