3 Unique Father’s Day Ideas for Dad

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Father’s Day is a great opportunity to show your dad that you love and care for him. The main goal on Father’s day is that he has a good time and enjoys himself, doing the things he loves to do rather than what everyone else wants. While a fishing trip or night out to a fancy restaurant is certainly a great way to spend the day, adding a little creativity and planning something he might not be expecting is a great way to have an enjoyable time and make the day memorable. The following are three unique Father’s day ideas to consider for your dad this year.

Play Golf or Go Bowling

If your dad loves sports, then he is sure to love a day playing golf or going bowling with his kids. Of course, if he has never played golf, taking him to the course probably is not the best idea, but it is perfect if he loves to play and that is really what he’d prefer doing. Another great alternative is bowling, which can also serve as a fantastic backup option for the day in case the weather is not favorable for golf. The important thing is to pick the activity he loves the most, and of course, a simple fishing trip might be a great option to consider as well.

Have a Barbeque Cookout

Many prefer to go out to a nice restaurant for Father’s Day as it is easier than preparing a meal. However, having a cookout can be a great way to make the day more meaningful, and you can invite family members and friends of your dad over and turn it into a small Father’s Day party. If your dad loves to cook on the grill, then, by all means, do not stop him from doing so. You can even put on a sports game or play some music. If children will be present, consider adding a small outdoor play area for them to be able to enjoy the day as well.

Visit a Museum or Car Show

Once again, the goal of Father’s Day is to do what your dad loves to do. If he is a history buff, then find an interesting museum to take him to. If he loves cars, find a fun, intriguing car show to attend. If he loves baseball, find a local baseball game to check out in the area. There are numerous options to consider, and there is likely an event to attend that your dad is going to love. The key is finding out what your dad really loves to do and searching your area for the perfect event.

The Bottom Line

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and now is the time to start planning. Your final decision as to what you want to do can make a huge difference, but the most important thing is that you do something for your dad. Regardless of the activity, showing your dad care by taking the time to plan out something he will enjoy is more than enough to make the day memorable.


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