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My name is Cameron Sloan and I’ve grown up in the Middle Tennessee area and have watched Murfreesboro and the surrounding areas transform from a tiny town to an impressive growing city. I know the ins and outs of all of Murfreesboro and most of the surrounding areas very well.

I've spent the last 8 years learning of residential homes when I bought my first home in Murfreesboro in 2012. I have done all renovations and upgrades myself so that I would understand how every bit of a house and property management works. From the very beginning I rented out to many tenants and slowly over the years I learned many lessons about being a landlord and really managing a property. I have went through refinance and reinvestment to build a cash flowing rental property. I want to offer my knowledge to others looking to do a little work to create instant equity in their investment. 

I received my Bachelors in Construction Management in 2013 and a Masters in Engineering from MTSU in 2016 and worked as an Engineering Supervisor at Nissan. At Nissan I managed the Capital Expenditure budgets for research, development, and special large projects to provide maximum return on investment. I have mastered the art of process refinement and efficiency and took my knowledge into the real estate industry over the last two years by building a rental portfolio of houses, apartments, and office buildings in Downtown Nashville. No matter your budget you can be sure that I can help you find something that will be perfect for you.

As a licensed agent I am here to help people find solutions to the complex field of real estate. Whether you are looking to get your first house or your next investment property I am on your side from the start with an engineering mindset to find something that uniquely works for you. I understand the time and work involved in most renovation projects and can help you in your decision when looking at value of your home selection.

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